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:?Hello there: I am just recently divorced from a ?lesbian, relationship was 14 years!! She had friend, was engaged to her 30 years ago, gave her a ring, and then split as he figured out he was gay. I am 64, she is 50. Going through legal processes for reasons of real estate/theft of my dog and tv she stole. He came into our lives, I learned to live with fact he was going to be there, learned to love him. But, I eventually became the 3rd person in their relationship. Long story. I am so confused.......he had boyfriends during this time, but "they" always came first.......I am just wondering if I spent 144 years with a woman that was bi. When I meet her online, she was "devastated" over a man she had spent 16 years with, who was just discovering he was gay. Can someone who is bi please explain this to me??? Or can you offer me some this a Freudian thing, or is he bi????? Thanks!!!

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