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Straight crush or Bi curious?
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 Posted: 2014-09-28 05:38 pm
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rainbow twinkie


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We all understand the struggle of straight crushes. I've only been interested in one guy; one for close to 3 years now. I was wondering if he's bi or bi-curious. I'd ask him, but I'm scared to despite the fact that we've been friends for about as long as I've had a crush on him. Anyways, we're friends, but I'm pretty sure I'm not friend zoned though, as we're not extremely close. So here's our history:
We used to be really close friends, you see, he's one of those guys who's good at everything. We're both in selective entry, but he's also good at sport (he's now a swimming teacher)and gaming. We bonded over our strict parents, same favorite game and our distaste for AFL (australian football league).
However, since my parents banned games, our convos became pretty heavy.We we're best friends for a year and then drifted apart. We still talked, still laughed and everything; we were friends, but not like before.
Last year, he got himself a girlfriend, though their relationship was often on the rocks, as he mentioned to me this year.
Anyways, this year in music, we were forced to make bands. He ended up in mine. I realized that he often gave me compliments at a rate that was unnatural; every few minutes, he'd say something like "Your voice is beautiful" or "You're really good at guitar."
Then I noticed that when he taught me piano with nobody else around, he'd lean over behind me and put his hands over mine, guiding them to the right keys.
It was then that I began to notice other things, as I basically watched from afar since he got his gf.
Since then, I've noticed that he stares, does the 'whoops, I accidentally touched you but won't move my hand away', and will cconsult me for the most trivial things.
I'm thinking bi, bi curious or just a straight guy who's too nice and has no sense of personal space. Help?

Love and light, kisses and huggles
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 Posted: 2014-10-19 03:51 am
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Spectrum Sparkle

Gee man, I dunno what to tell you. I wish I had some advice, apart from what you're probably going to have to do, which is really just to talk to him about it. I'm not going to say it like it's the easiest thing in the world because I'd be petrified.

I thought I should say something because I forgot all about this place until I got an email notification about this recently. I hope this helps in terms of encouragement or something. It's all I can really offer ^^;

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