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Hello everyone, my name is Randy.
I say that i'm new to being gay because I've only recently came out, and then only to some friends and coworkers. I haven't come out to any of my family yet because they are...well they are a bunch of homophobic people.
I have a step-sister who is a lesbian and they have given her absolute hell about it.
I hadn't been living with them for a couple years, but I had to move back in with them because I couldn't afford to go to college and rent anymore.
I don't have any gay friends, know little about the whole gay culture, and do not even understand my sexuality that well.
Growing up in a Christian household in the South had always taught me that being gay was wrong, but as I grew I developed attractions to other males and tried to suppress it.
Well, for a time after I graduated High school I worked construction and that changed me (hardened, I guess). I have become accepting of myself...but I am kind of in the dark because I just have no point of reference on the whole matter. Like I said, I have no gay friends and know almost no other gay people.
Sorry for the long post



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Hi. Your post wasn't that long! You should see some of them :twitch:

Is here any way you can find an lgbt support center in an area close to you? Outside of your immediate community, but close enough to get to? An lgbt support center would help you so much. Not only to establish friendships with like-minded people but also to help you better understand what is going on with you. Finding a center outside of your community will help you avoid the eventual bullshit your family would throw on you if they found out.

You can always ask specific questions here if you want too.

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