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 Posted: 2012-07-29 06:51 pm
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Update on my crazy messed up life. The wife and I are in the talks of divorcing. Of course it's not a very good atmosphere around the house right now. In fact, the other night I left and went to a friends house. He knows the situation and suspected all along that I'm gay. He is too and it was nice to be able to set and talk to him and his partner about all of this and not be judged or made to feel guilty about it all. They even took me out for supper and let me sleep in their spare bedroom. I got the best night sleep I'd had in ages.

The kids are taking it pretty hard, which is to be expected. But I keep trying to reassure them that no matter what I will always be here for them. I think my oldest, even though he's angry, is starting to see some of the tricks she's using, but it's my youngest I'm worried about. Not only is he being influenced by her, but my mom is feeding him all kinds of crap too. I guess only time will tell what happens there.

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