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 Posted: 2012-07-11 01:12 am
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Wow - she really isn't thinking of the kids at all.  It seems to me that she has told so many people that probably almost everyone knows now.  I mean - in a small conservative town finding out someone's husband is gay/bisexual is pretty juicy gossip for the bored mind.

I think you need to set her down and be frank with her.  Tell her she is the one who is not acting in a way that is best for the kids and she needs to get a hold of herself. 

What you said about coming out to everyone yourself is has some merit.  Just short of that (since you shouldn't really come out until you are ready), you can tell her that if she tells one more person then you WILL take control and come out to everybody. 

At some point you do have to take control.  And please go to that therapist you said you found.

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