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 Posted: 2012-07-07 03:39 pm
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OMG!! I found out yesterday evening that she went to our family doctor and told him about me "thinking I'm gay" (her words not mine)!! She said tha she didn't go into great detail about everything that has gone on since I told her, and that the doctor said he wouldn't even mention it to me unless I brought it up, but I'm still hurt and upset that she did this! I feel like it is my place to decide who knows and who doesn't, and yet she is the one who has told the majority of the people who know. For score keeping purposes, I've told her, both the kids, my parents, and one close friend who I trust completely. She has told our pastor and his wife, her sister, her supervisor at work who in turn told her boss who then told one other person, her parents, and now our doctor! I understand she's hurting and she's depressed, and that I'm the cause of her hurt and depression, but what I don't understand is the fact that the person who DIDN'T wont this leaked all over the countryside is out flapping her gums about it! Talk about being a hypocrite!!! It almost makes me want to just go completely public with it and then just deal with the fall out!! That way she can't be in control of it anymore!

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