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 Posted: 2012-07-06 07:02 pm
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That is very much an untrue statement that your psychologist made and shows that she/he is the absolute wrong person for you to be talking to.  That notion is an outdated concept and has been proven to be obsolete and untrue.  Many years ago, the psychiatric community considered being gay a disease which could be cured.  However, they have come out strongly against that notion now. 

Being gay is in our DNA.  We are born with our sexual identity already built into our DNA structure.  It can not be changed through will power.  You need to get to a different psychologist - one that is gay friendly.  I realize you have challenges in that you may not have any control over who you go to right now.  If that is the case, the best you can do is ignore what your psychologist is saying about being gay.  Because he or she is absolutely 100% wrong.

Choice comes in only when you are deciding whether to be true to your nature or not.  It is never a good idea to go against what is natural for you - that is if you want to be happy.

Here is a great article from the HRC: 

I found an article discussing gay issues in your country and this psychologist's name came up as somone who is gay friendly and does not believe is trying to change gays (reparative therapy): 

The psychiatrist Dr. Alexandar Marcikic, who has a private practice in Skopje, says that some psychiatrists now tend to stop defining homosexuality as an illness or a psychological disorder. It is increasingly being considered as a “normal choice” in a person’s emotional and sexual connection with the object of love, he explains.

The article is at:  (I may have directed you to this site before).    do I have the correct location for you?


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