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 Posted: 2012-07-05 07:04 pm
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hmmmm, be very careful about what you read on the internet.  (present company excluded :)).  There are organizations out there who are against the lgbt community due to their religious beliefs and they put out all kinds of information to falsly indicate that being gay is a choice and can be changed.  This is propoganda.  You are born with DNA that places you in a spot on the sliding scale of straight to gay.  Some people are straight, some directly in the middle as bisexual and others fall on the gay end of the scale.

This can't be "changed".  You can be brainwashed perhaps but not authentically "changed."

Anybody who "changes" from being gay to straight was probably just bisexual and will "change" back to gay at some point. 

In any event, do not worry about the lgbt community not accepting you.  What you are going through is a typical experience for alot of gays, lesbians and bisexuals and you will all be discussing the same issues.

Don't worry about placing a label on yourself so much. Just relax with it and see what happens.  Get yourself to those lgbt community support groups - you'll be able to talk with others who have similar feelings, you'll be able to make friends, you'll find additional resources, etc.  If you have a way to get there, you can go to one that is not directly in your community so you do not have to worry about local reaction.

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