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 Posted: 2012-07-04 04:21 am
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We had rehearsal again tonight and as we were warming up I said something about my character killing his character. His response was, "well if you kill me there won't be any more shoulders," and he had this really coy grin on his face. Then, after I totally flubbed my monologue and solo an was thoroughly peeved at myself, he came up from out of nowhere and started giving me a very long neck shoulder and back massage, even down to my lower back. So I waited when he was done and the area finally cleared of other people and I took the opportunity to tell him he was the first guy to ever give me a back rub. His response was, "well then I guess I should be flattered." Finally, towards the end of rehearsals he first "flicked" a speck of lint off my shoulder (never done that with any of my guy friends and they've never done that for me). Then, another guy was goofing around pretending to be "coming on to him," and my friend looked directly at me and mouthed help me. So I joined in the fun, jerked the other guy off of him and said, "Get your hands off my man." my friend then proceeded to put his arms around me and say "That's right." then we all laughed. Granted that last part could have been just goofing around, but all the other stuff leads me to believe there something more than a friendship on his mind. I just don't want it to get too serious. Not yet anyway, cause I still have the wife and kids to think of. Good grief, reading back over this I sound like some teenage girl fawning over the high school quarterback! LOL

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