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 Posted: 2012-06-29 08:53 pm
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Something our pastor said the other day regarding the situation I currently find myself in has been stuck in my head and I'm just looking for some outside opinions on this. He said that a lot of the problems I'm facing now stem from the fact that when I was young and dealing with the issue of my sexuality, I didn't have a "support structure" at home to help me deal with it properly. Now it's true that I didn't have the best of childhoods (dad was there but drunk most of the time and mom was a bit "out of touch" with reality, and still is truth be told), but what I can't figure out is his point behind saying that. Is he trying to say that I'm making all these feelings and desires and frustrations up? I mean, I don't see where someone, anyone would want to "pretend" to be something that can cause such an upheaval of emotions and....for lack of a better word...controversy. That just doesn't make any sense to me. What do you all think? :?

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