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 Posted: 2012-06-22 07:51 pm
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You should not have kept quiet.  Ya know why?  Because if you continue to suppress your sexual identity, you will be the one committing suicide.  You have to be true to who you are.  You HAVE to - no matter what.  If she has no family or friends then she needs a therapist and you can go wtih her.  Just make sure the tables are not turned on you -- do not allow those sessions to be about you trying to not be gay.

You and she are going through the tough part right now - but it is necessary.  Do not feed into the drama.  Take control, be true to who you are and be her friend - hellp her - but only to the extent that you are not going against who you are.

I think you need some support out there as well.  Find an lgbt community center and go to some of their group sessions.  You are not the only gay person who has experienced this situation. 

Perhaps find a gay therapist who will help the two of you adjust to your newly forming relationship.  You can stay in your wife's life forever - it just will be on more of a close friend level - which is not a bad thing.

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