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 Posted: 2012-06-21 03:54 pm
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No doubt she is experiencing the feelings she is describing.  My guess is that most people who make those claims do not follow through - unless, of course, they are already mentally challenged and are inclined to suicidal attempts just generally.  Not so sure if I worded that correctly but I think you know what I mean.  And - I'm not a therapist - so, only you know whether she is inclined to such things.  If you think she is - maybe getting someone to stay with her for a while will help.

Stay strong.  You are doing the right thing.  Maybe bringing her to a counsel to talk about her feelings would help her pull it together.  Not a marriage counseler where she will be tempted to turn the situation around on you - but a counseler that can help her deal with her feelings.

You can assure her that you do love her - and she is right about that.  But that it is a different kind of love. And that you are sorry it took you so long to identify your sexual orientation.  Assure her that your love for her is very deep - but not in a sexual way - and that you will always be in her life - just differently.

The feelings of sexual orientation will not go away.  As much as one tries to stuff them and ignore them, they will surface.

Maybe a trial separation would be easier for her to swallow?  You can move out, experiement, collect your feelings and thoughts.  She can take time to get use to the idea of you being in her life in a different way.

Stay calm and strong.

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