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 Posted: 2012-06-19 07:02 am
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I agree with ftmichael.  You have tried a long time.  You NEED to be honest with your wife about your sexual orientation.  How you two work it out after that is up to you.  Maybe the two of you will agree to you trying out being with a man and gathering your thoughts on the situation.  Maybe she'll say "no way - this is over".  In any event - you can not control how she is going to react.  The only thing you can control is being true to yourself and stepping up to do the right thing. 

I'd hold off on telling the kids until you and your wife have it all figured out. 

However, if you feel like it is over between you and your wife - even without your being attracted to men - then you should just get up the guts to be honest and end it now.

Either way - you need to respect your wife enough to be completely honest with her.  You can not avoid hurting feelings - however, you can avoid disrespecting your wife.  Honor her by being honest.  This way, if you do end up divorcing you have a better chance of staying friends for life - much better for the kids.


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