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 Posted: 2012-05-15 02:25 am
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So im 19 years old and I'm openly bisexual I came out when I was about 16 years old first to my bestfriend, who is also Bisexual so that made it very easy for both of us (we came out together). Then I told my mom she was disapproving at first.

Anyways she got over it and now she doesnt care that im bisexual I can even talk to her about girls...or so I thought.. well her last boyfriend knew about me and she didnt mind that he knew and now my mom is with this new guy they have been together for a year now we all live under the same roof and he doesnt know what so ever.

I always ask her why hasnt she told him and she just says "i dont want to talk about this right now" and this past weekend me and my mom went to this dog festival thing and I bought a rainbow peace sign to go on my car, today I came home and my mom goes "yeah Bo asked why you had that on your car because the colors represent gay" that made me very mad and I questioned my mom asking her why she STILL hasnt told him and if she doesnt I will. We both got very angry at eachother and started to get into a heated argument.

I just dont know what to think. I thought my mom accepted me but now I feel as if she doesnt. It hurts

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