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 Posted: 2012-05-08 05:57 am
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You sound more lesbian than bisexual to me.  From what I read, you seem like men would be a last ditch situation but you really want women.

When I first started realizing I liked women, I labeled myself bisexual but found myself more and more focused on women only.  In fact, I was never with a man - ever - but still felt a need to label myself bisexual for a while.  Really, there was no contest - I was all about the women.

Why do you feel lesbians do not like you?  There is such a huge community of lesbians which is just as diverse as the hetersexual world.  Butch, fem, little bit of both, jocky, spiritual, professional - etc.  We are all so different from one another and so I think you should try to believe in that old saying: "there is someone out there for everyone".  That is also true in the lesbian community. 

Maybe you are just around a group of lesbians who are all acting the same.  Try to meet lesbians from a variety of places so that you meet a variety of lesbians.  I know when I lived in San Francisco all the lesbians seemed the same if I hung out in the same place all the time.  When I started branching out and meeting lesbians from a variety of places I was amazed at how different we all are from each other.  I never really fit into any of the lesbian stereotypes and I ended up meeting someone who also didn't fit in.  We were just us.  And we've been together for 25 years!

Do not give up on your passion - you will find the woman who is right for you!

Hope this made sense - its late and I'm tired....


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