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 Posted: 2012-05-04 10:08 pm
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I used to go by bisexual, but now I really do think I'm a lesbian. There were alot of signs when I was younger, but I never noticed it until about a year ago. I'm not attracted to guys at all, but I feel guilty for not, that is why I go by bisexual. I feel I will never have the same things with a girl, as I would with a guy. In the future I see myself with girls, but then I feel that I will only end up with a guy because girls don't seem to like me. I know I like girls, but I'm not sure I like guys at all. I only want to date girls, but lesbians never seem interested, and I feel I'll be single forever. I prefer girls, but I would date anyone if I really liked them, and they were kind to me. I'm so confused......... My family accepts me, but I can't accept myself......... :(

Did any of you go through this?

How do I learn to accept myself?

Do I sound like a bisexual or a lesbian?

Did any lesbians go through this at one time or another?

Is this an example of what some people call the 'bisexual bridge'?

Please help me, thanks you so much to whoever helps by the way, it is VERY much appreciated!

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