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 Posted: 2010-02-04 05:34 am
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Actually I came out fairly recently, but I had been fighting with the thought for maybe since I was 16. Although now that I look back, I can see signs as early as when I was about maybe 5 or 6. I remember my mother had this cards with muscular guys on the side and I remember looking at them in some kind of amazement or something.

I had finally accepted that I liked guys in august of 09, after a shower scene from the show eureka ( the main character kept going back in time and he kept appearing in the shower, and I think he's hot so..) I didn't tell anyone until mid november, and the first person that I told was in fact a good internet friend of mine. I eventually told my neighbor on his forum and he told my sister, and then on thanksgiving I had a talk with my aunt. And I told my aunt to tell my mother and my mother to tell my dad
Then some of my relatives and friends that live far away from me, I just told them on facebook :P

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