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 Posted: 2012-04-06 08:44 am
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I thought I had read that you said you were still attracted to men but not as intensely as women.  In the end, it really only matters what you consider yourself to be. 

I believe you that bisexuals can be (and are) committed.  My deciding not to get involved with a bisexual was my own preference in terms of compatibility and what I thought was a good match for me.  Don't look at it so much as a prejudice or rejection - it is really just a preference.

When I was younger I thought that bisexuals were confused - but I've become enlightened since then.  I really do think it is just our DNA that determines where we land on the gay to straight spectrum. Some people fall all the way straight, some all the way gay/lesbians - or on a wide variety of places in between.  ;) 

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