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 Posted: 2012-04-05 06:22 am
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I think it's kind of funny you say that because at this point you are considering me to be bi, but if I understood you right, you would see me as a lesbian in like 10 years if I had only been with women by then.
Plus, it literally gave me physical pain to sleep with my boyfriend - the doctors never found out where taht came from, until a psychologist told me my lesbian side was so strong that it harmed me to be with a man and that this was not right for me.
The pain and the cramps actually got stronger and stronger, and I might not be here anymore had I not broken up with him.

I also think that bisexuals have no problem being faithful and committed when the are with a person of the gender that they prefer, especially when they clearly prefer one gender to the other.
Also, nowadays it's not that much of a problem not to be "mainstream". At least in Germany, where I come from. I would never leave a person I love just to blend into society.
And I know many bisexuals who feel that way too. Because in the end, what matters most to a person is to be happy and to have found the partner that really feels right for you - not what society thinks about it.

So generally I can say: Give bisexuals a chance (I mean, if you want of course).
It's very hurtful to be rejected because of prejudices that might turn out not to be the case for an individual, and by following such prejudices you might lose a person you could have beenhappy with and that probably really loved you.

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