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 Posted: 2012-04-05 01:53 am
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Welcome to our community.  My opinion is that a "lesbian" is someone who only sleeps with women.  If there is a woman who sleeps with women and men then she is not a lesbian but she is bisexual. 

When I was dating, if I found out a woman was bisexual then I usually would stop dating her.  Mostly because I was looking for a serious relationship and I figured if a person can go either way, they would most probably end up going the "safe" route when it is time to settle down.  Why not choose the path that would allow you to blend in to society?  That was my reasoning anyway......

In my opinion, a lesbian doesn't sleep with men - ever.  I would consider you to be bisexual.

Now, if a woman was sleeping with men before she figured out her sexual identity, but then after discovering her attraction to women, slept with women exclusively, then she is indeed a lesbian.



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