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 Posted: 2012-04-04 04:28 pm
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Hey I am trying to gather information for a study. I spoke about the study in my Introduction thread here:
I am posting the questions on the forum instead of setting up an offsite survey so more discussion can take place. Plus I think people will be more apt to responding in their own environments. If for some reason you do not want to answer the questions in the open but would like to help with this information you can send me an Email

I want to keep the number of questions at a minimum, but feel free to answer in as much detail as you want. The paper will be written with mostly the US in mind, due to the politics that are involved however if you live in another Country feel free to answer them. I will be using other areas of the world for reference and timelines if I can gather enough data. Some questions can be answered with a 1 to 10 scale. !0 being the best positive and 1 being the worst negative.

Education level
Location (You do not have to be specific, listing a state or a region of the Country IE.. Southwest, will be good)
1. At what age did you know you were LGBT, or identify yourself as such? (At what age did you realize you were not heterosexual)
2. At what age did you “come out”? (I do not like the term “come out” but for lack of better wording. When did you let friends and family know, or stopped concealing your true self? If you have not done this yet please state that.)
3. Are you more inclined to use, buy, or frequent products or places that are markets towards your sexuality?
4. Are you apt to befriend people that share the same sexuality as you?
5. Do you go out of your way to let people know your sexuality when meeting them?
6. What percentage of your life and decision making are influenced by your sexuality?
7. Have you ever wished you were heterosexual?
8. What US political party do you identify with? (Dem, Republican, Independent, etc..)
9. How much of your leisure time do you spend on LGBT websites, television, radio etc…?
10. How much contact to you have with LGBT youth?
11. Do you participate/donate in LGBT charities, programs etc…?
12. Do you have faith things will get better in America for the LGBT, and if so when?
13. Anything else you want to add?

Thanks so much. I have subscribed to this thread, so if you have any questions feel free to ask or send me a PM/Email.

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