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 Posted: 2012-04-03 07:04 am
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Hi guys!
I'm coming out as lesbian right now and it's really fun, plus I just got my hair cut short and it looks amazing.
BUT during the time I was still struggling I became aware of what seems to be one really annoying problem especially in the lesbian community:

the LESBIANS' VIEWS ON BISEXUALS..Many lesbians see ladies who haven't always been lesbian as "FAKE LESBIANS".
I think that as a community she should be tolerant towards one another and stick together.

THis is my personal experience with that subject:

When I was still with my ex, I thought I was bisexual because there are a few guys (maybe like 1 in 100) that I feel attracted to and because there were a few (but really few - very restricted) parts of hetero sex life that I liked.
However, I became more and more aware that I preferred girls so much and I love every aspect of them. I had also had two girlfriends. I knew I didn't want to live with him and his horrible family all my life have kids with him although I was craving for just being myself.
So that's when I broke up and I came out.

And then, talking to other lesbians and surfing through the internet, I noticed that a lot of lesbians who have a bisexual side but who clearly prefer ad need to be a lesbian (like me), are often viewed as "fake lesbians" in the lesbian community.
I don't get this. Why should it be "fake"?
Of course these kind of lesbians probably aren't 100% lesbian or haven't always been, but I think it's all just a question of what lifestyle you feel more comfortable with and identify with. - So it may also be a little bit of a personal decision I guess.
And when the preference is for girls is sooo drastically significant, can't I call myself a lesbian?

Now what do YOU think???
I'm very curious and I can't wiat to know what YOU think about this - it's a really important topic.

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