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 Posted: 2012-03-17 06:10 am
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Thanks for coming to our forum and sharing.  I think most people here have gone through what your experiencing right now.  For me, I ended up moving to SF to come out and that was my way of compartmentalizing my life.  Eventually I told my family and although they struggled with it, they eventually accepted my lifestyle and consider my wife to be a daughter in law.  I have since moved back to Ohio (although missing SF  :eek:

I hope that you understand that you are not the flawed person in the situation.  Your family who is judgmental and unaccepting are the ones with the character flaws. 

When you are ready you can come out to them and realize that it may take them some time to travel their path to acceptance.  This doesn't mean they don't love you - they just need some time to come to terms with their own prejudices.

Are you in a situation, and of an age, where you can create some geographical distance for a while?

What are you the most SCARED of about telling them?

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