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 Posted: 2012-03-13 02:06 pm
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I'm going to play devil's advocate here and say, as much as I hate and loath what people, like those of the west boro church, are doing, they have a constitutional right to do so.  A right protected by LAW to say exactly what they think and feel.  A law written by our founding fathers who felt we should have the right to speak against the injustice and inequities around us.

Do I believe this is exactly what they intended when they wrote the constitution?  Not even close.  Does this mean I condone what the members of the west boro church are doing to family members of the deceased?  Absolutely not!  I am in the camp of "just because it can be said, doesn't mean it SHOULD be said.  And because I feel this way and I have the right to protest back, you will find me in the ranks of the bikers, revving their engines to block out the noise of the protesters.

And remember, hate groups such as west boro and the KKK have a right to speak; no one said we had to listen!

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