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 Posted: 2012-03-13 06:12 am
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In short, no, I don't believe "speech" is absolutely free. Rather, I feel the expression of ideas and opinions is totally free, and other types of speech are free to the extent that they do not cause harm. Hate speech and speech that incites violent are typical examples of when it isn't completely "free."

For example, I can say that "I don't like gay people" and I'm perfectly within my rights to state that opinion, but as soon as I say something like "I think everyone should attack gay people "I'm no longer simply expressing an opinion, I'm inciting violence.

(Disclaimer: Obviously, those statements don't reflect my true opinions, just using them as examples of statements people might make)

Now let's look at the specific example of that video. While it may be acceptable under many circumstances for a group to express their opinions about homosexuality, in this case it was clearly harassment. In my country, those "protestors" would have been arrested, undoubtedly. Here, anything like that would be considered outright hate speech, which is illegal. Also, homosexuality is protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, so any person who questions someone's right to equality is effectively committing a crime.

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