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 Posted: 2012-03-03 05:37 am
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Hi and welcome to our community.  After reading your post it certainly seems to me like you are defnitely bisexual - if not lesbian entirely.  It is pretty common for lesbians to first think they are bisexual and then slowly realize all they really want are women! 

You owe it to yourself and your boyfriend to be completely honest about your sexuality.  At least take some time for yourself to figure things out.  It will really complicate the situation if you let youself get into a relationship where you need to seek your partner's approval before being able to explore women.  So, I think you really need to honor who you are and allow yourself to grow.  You also need to be honest with your boyfriend so he doesn't get hurt.

Don't let this get you down, confused or unhappy.  It is a beautiful thing and you should absolutely enjoy the process of getting to know yourself.  You can't make a wrong choice if you make the one that is right and natural for you.  Keep us posted! 

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