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 Posted: 2012-03-02 09:21 pm
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I'm a girl, I'm still quite young but I'm in a very serious long-distance relationship with my boyfriend.We even want to move in together soon.
However, I really really miss being in a relationship with a girl. I've only had one rather physical relationship with a girl yet, nothing serious, but i've always liked girls. My boyfriend used to allow me to have a girlfriend until he got jealous.
I'm really confused about it and although my boyfriend is really cool and we have a great sex life too, I'm still often sad I cajavascript:emoticon(':whatever:', 'images/emoticons/rolleyes.gif')n't be with a girl. It makes me feel like this is not entirely myself and there's something missing.
I would look at hot male movie stars and not wish I was WITh them but I was LIKE them, only in a more feminine version.
Some people have told me they thought I was lesbian and were surprised I had a boyfriend.
I'm sorry this text is sooo long...
I would be incredibly thankful if you have a piece of advice for me or your own experience to share.
Please help!:?:?

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