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 Posted: 2012-01-14 12:34 pm
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A certain apartment corporation is discriminating against my gay pride sign which I put up after being called "faggit" at least twice by this blonde girl who has been harassing me for months, and who also sexually harassed me and spread lies about me taking pictures of little girls and got others in my neighbor hood to harass me, including what looked to be an 8 year old girl. She and her acquaintance had been throwing larger-than-fist-sized rocks at my apartment for over a span of six months, and despite me being disabled stole my bike which I need to keep from having major back and foot pains and on Thanksgiving of all days I suspect stole a $250 bike I bought to replace it with (a GMC bike that turned out to be garbage though, which I could afford a decent car instead) and a $45 jacket I bought so that I wouldn't be dressed in this shabby jacket that is over 3 years old and falling apart. I told the police about this but they don't bother to monitor. The security guard, who harassed me from almost a few days after I lived here and called the police on me for using my laptop outside away from peoples' apartments, was never gotten rid of and still harasses me. I put up a gay pride sign in my window and the staff has given me a 5 day breach of contract notice and implies they will own everything I have unless I move out in in five days (it's already the seventh day but three times they've made this threat with the false accusation that I've installed a webcam in my window sill. They listen to everyone elses complaints against me but rarely respond to mine. My neighbor to the right of me has, without the apartment corp's permission, gone up to my patio and on to it to block what she thinks is a camera that is on and spying on her and took photos of my place, YET the head maintenance man and manager forbade me to take pictures of the apartment complex (the maintenance man said I can do it form outside though). That neighbor is also stalking me, waits by my living room window and said, twice, in a calm stalker voice, "I'm still taking pictures."

She also got this other neighbor who has been stalking me long before this sign was up, to harass me too. And that neighbor had the nerve to say I was spying on her WHEN THREE TIMES I CAUGHT HER STANDING BY MY APARTMENT LOOKING IN TO MY WINDOWS! Once by my deck, which after she left I realized after many months people could see into my blinds! And the other two times she was trying to look into the corner of my BEDROOM window! She called the police on me with the other neighbor falsely claiming I was stalking and harassing them when I was on my patio telling them to leave me alone. A crisis officer immediately sided with them and was bossing me around!

And get this hypocrisy: I put the sign BEHIND my window blinds, yet guess who got a stranger to take a picture INTO the hole I made in my blinds so people could see the sign? THE HEAD MAINTENANCE MAN! And yet these three neighbors have the nerve to say I'm violating their privacy with cameras pointed at a wall and shed or as the one to the right of my falsely claimed at her window!?

And even if I did have a camera-looking thing pointed forward, who in the heck says I'm recording? Or who says it's real? And what business does anyone have going UP to my windows to find out what it is when they know I don't want MY PRIVACY invaded by them or the rock-throwers? The police even said that I have the right to put cameras in my windows! And get this: the neighbor to the right of me, who got the one to the left of me to start harassing me, and I do mean harass, she said that that neighbor's son was among the ones throwing rocks at my apartment yet she did not report any of this to the police, but rather, got his mom to harass me as I said! As if that weren't enough, the neighbors to the left and right of me have for over a year, let their pets poop all over the place, including on my patio and do not pick up! And only recently barely did so because I kept complaining again (I stopped because I gave up months ago on management not responding to any of my complaints in any effective way), but then get this: the manager sent notices of warning to EVERYONE in the complex rather than the two neighbors to the sides of me, accusing everyone of having pets poop all over. Is that not also harassing and aggravating and just doing a broad brush stroke rather than being fair to me? Yet they still single me out, making the false claim that I've made permanent alterations to my window sill, meanwhile people have all kinds of alterations to the OUTSIDE of their apartments, including the one to the right of me, who has a mirror on her outer wall, chimes, Christmas lights and ornaments previously, a large metal gecko, and two dog stickers on her door, and seems to have installed a hook on her door too! As if that weren't enough, it turns out her two large dogs weren't registered! Yet my rent was raised by $80 despite me keeping to myself and not causing anyone trouble, and so was effectively paying for her dogs shitting all over the place and me stepping into it, along with the insane water sprinkler system spraying it and it leaks onto the sidewalks.

Will someone please find a lawyer to help me? I can't get any lawyer to respond to my pleas for help. I can't even get the ACLU to help me. I've been trying for months and no lawyer will help, not even civil rights ones! How can no one care?!

Do 2 others as u want them 2 do 2 u
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