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 Posted: 2012-01-08 08:16 pm
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Well.. I'm second grade at high school. Girls and boys here want to kick homosexuals and I am afraid to come out to everyone because they won't be my friends. Because I have low self esteem my grades are bad and I don't achieve anything on competitions (I went on maths and physics and early I got awards, now I have nothing. I don't know if I will go on college (because of the grades). If I go to the college I will go in Skopje (the capital of Macedonija, 400 000 citizens) and I think that there are gay places but there isn't lgbt communiti, we don't even have online forum where we can discuss our struggles and maybe meet somebody online (I think its easier).

On one other forum, in topic for homosexuals I was arguing with homophobes, and there was a girl arguing too. I got her facebook (she is from Skopje, older than me but I want to meet her one day) and we chat (really nice person) and I suggested to her we to make gay forum in Macedonia (I will post what happend to this idea) but I still feel empty, I can't do anything, my parents care only about the grades and nothing else, this emptiness is horrible, fake friends, fake smiles..

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