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 Posted: 2012-01-08 07:10 pm
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It does sound difficult and I feel for you.  Feeling alone with a secret - especially one that is so crucial to the very essence of who you are - is exhausting and lonely.  However, we still come back to the fact that if you do not let people know who you really are, you have no chance of true happiness.  It will also be harder to find others like yourself.  I do understand though - here in the United States I even feel a huge difference between living in the midwest compared to San Francisco.  Even the lgbt community here in the midwest is more hidden and scared to be themselves. 

We all have to make our own decisions regarding coming out.  For me, I'd prefer to be out and live my life true to myself and only have a few friends rather than hide who I am and have a community of empty friendships.  You may be surprised how people will come to terms with who you are and once they get over the shock of finding out your lesbian will come around to understanding that you are the same person they have always loved. 

Are you living in a situation where you are at risk of physical danger/attack if you were to come out?  Is there a larger city that you would be able to get to where you might find a support group?  Would it be possible for you to start an lgbt support group?  I'm not certain of your exact situation.  But, please keep in mind throughout this process that there is always an answer and way out - you will find happiness and contentment.  You just need to figure out the puzzle.

Please keep posting..... 

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