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 Posted: 2011-12-29 08:43 am
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Well, I somehow knew I was lesbian at the age of 8. There was one girl who was my friend but I kinda liked her. And, one night on the news there was topic schould gay marriages be legal or not. Some politicans were for it, some against it. Anyway, my parents and I were watching and they said really nasty things. I didn't get it sereous because I didn't know what I am. But at the age of 12 when I got my period I realized that I'm lezbian and these things they said really hurt me. I was going to maths and physiks matches wining places but after that I got nothing. I started thinking my life isn't worth living but trhe celebrities who outed themselves kept me alive (I didn't commit suicide). But I fail everytime I try. My grades aren't good, my friends are homophobic(except one who knows about me but she is in another country now). I don't know what schould I do to get back to myself. I go out with my friends in high heels (which I hate them) and I love converse, but couldn't wear them because I don't have strong character to say "This is me. If you like it alright if you don't I don't mind" because I mind what people say...

Sorry for my bad english.

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