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 Posted: 2011-11-19 06:09 am
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  In the end it is solely up to you to decide your sexual orientation - and if you pay attention to your heart and soul and what it is telling you, that should be easy.  That being said - my opinion from what I've read is that you are definitely bisexual and you absolutely need to tell your boyfriend.  You seem to care about him and I imagine he cares a great deal for you too.  You owe it to him and your relationship together to be honest. And he is right, being with a woman would be cheating on him - unless you have an open relationship.

You also owe it to yourself to be honest with yourself.  If you do not grab a hold of these feelings now they will keep coming up.  You don't want that to happen when you are married, right? 

In life it is important to be honest and say what you have to say to those close to you - no matter what their response is.  You are not responsible, and can not control their responses.  You are only responsible for your truths.

Go for it.  It is the right choice!

And I've very glad that you figured out your mom's response was her prejudice and that nothing is wrong with you - whether straight, bi or lesbian.  Life life as honestly and fully as you can!  Peace and Happiness!  ;)

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