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 Posted: 2011-10-16 03:24 am
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They seem like a safe bet to me and a good pick for the first people you choose to come out to.  Coming out is a scarey step - but if you read through the posts you will see that it always ends up being a satisfying and rewarding experience.  If you still feel a little unsure, feel them out a little more about their feelings toward the lgbt community.  Perhaps talk about someone who is gay, whether a celebrity or someone in your circle of friends/family and see how they react.

Eventually you will find that living out and proud about who you are is the only way to true happiness.  And - if you do get a negative reaction from someone you should not take it personal.  Remember it is their character flaw - not yours.  And also remember that they have to follow their path to acceptance and most probably will end up doing the right thing.  If they don't automatically accept you, that doesn't necessarily mean they do not love you - it just means they need some time to come to terms with it.

Keep us posted!  

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