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 Posted: 2011-10-16 03:12 am
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Hello all,

I recently found this forum on Google (searching for something unrelated LOL)
I've been on various other gay forums for a number of years, so not new to forums LOL but new here :) This lookes like a nice place so I went ahead & joined too.

Never been good with these intros but here goes:
I consider myself bi (really don't know for sure where I fit in as far as gay/bi since I've never been a relationship/or dated/or etc .. all I know is 'not straight').
I'm also someone who doesn't go for stuff like quick hookups, or one-night-stands...if I was ever to do something I'd want a meaningfull long term thing, I guess you could say "love first then maybe sex"

I  went to my first pridefest this spring...something I've wanted to do for a good number of years, but been too afraid to do because I'm shy, not out, and especially because I'd be going by myself...
Always thought I'd be very uncomfortable just being there, but this year I decided to 'just do it'. Turns out I was wrong I wasn't the least bit uncomfortable :)

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