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 Posted: 2011-10-06 12:55 pm
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:) yea that sounds cool,I like the idea of giving your parents time to sort out their feelings it seems like an important courtesy.So far I'm doing alright,I just moved too so it's been real crazie lately.And I'm real excited cause I'm me and in an mostly open accepting place here with an LGBT community and everthing.So there's lots of support that I've only begun to explore.My birthdays coming up,lol I was born on National Coming Out day so it's weird like a coming of age or something,wish I had been less confused and it had'nt taken so long that's life though like they say.So yea I'm glad it went well for you and your sis.That's Awesome! Yea I've dealt with lots of negativity before and might have to deal with it again(hope not)if I do I do I'm mostly out and I keep opening up,I've got nothing to hide.I feel real good though it's like omg finally Yay!!So yea I look foward to the future with hope,and more peace of mind.Much better,:q ,Hope all is well with you,J

We all need some loving so why do we hate?-Santana
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