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 Posted: 2011-10-05 03:45 am
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Thanks Marshmellow, It made a giant difference I'm still walking on a cloud lol.Still have yet to come out to my parents and older brother but I'm not rushing it,gonna wait for the right time to present itself.I feel a lot better,I feel like the me I love and that means so much I could'nt put into words.Tonight I went to an LGBT support clubhouse for the first time,and although I don't know anyone really it felt like home.Thank you so much for your encouraging words,it reminded me of what it's all about and how long I lived a lie and now that I don't have to keep lying and pretending anymore I feel soooo relieved omg!!! I feel so grateful I might cry.I'm so much happier than I was right now.So you felt that weight lift too? Is'nt it Awesome! How'd it go for you? On another note I don't really have any creative ideas on how to get the forum going,I may think of something though,Maybe we'll think of something.write back or pm.Have a great nite,and Thanks!, Joey Boiling frog.

We all need some loving so why do we hate?-Santana
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