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OCT 11,2011 Is National Coming Out Day (NCOD)


In Hunterdon County NJ It a great day because college and high school and local towns are doing lot of great thing on National Coming Out Day (NCOD)

There will some member and if you like to share your coming out story to may on OCT 11,2011

The social/support can help you by give you info and a place where you can talk with other gay people. Right now we have high school students to college student and parents and families and staff from school would come to the social/support so you be able to talk with other people here and hunterdon county nj is one of the safe place for a gay couple to walk the streets and hold hands and onebody will said anything because hunterdon county has lots of gay couple and some have children so if you are look for a place to live then it hunterdon county nj.

One of them is The social/ support in Hunterdon County

Date: OCT 11 2011

Time 7pm to 9PM

65 Halsted Street, Clinton,NJ 08809

Gay Support Groups Hunterdon County.

We have social time and outing and events and some time guest speaker.

Open to Gay,Lesbian,Bisexual,Teens,Adults,their friends parents,family members.We have a social time playing games and talk with each other and we some time have speakers.Next

Meeting is OCT 11, 2011 (Tue) 7PM to 9PM

Quest Speaker Ashley Planned Parent Hood. 7:30pm-9pm
general meeting/socialization with potential for dinner at local diner

65 Halsted Street, Clinton,NJ 08809

for other upcoming social/support group go to

For November check web site we having a good guest speaker.

NOV Guest Speaker is Rob De Anthony

need a job or look them this is the social/support meeting is for you. You will learn lot of people that are look to hire. Rob De Anthony will come and tlak baout get a job and other great service that Out Youth has to help the young adults you are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and straight youth. so please come and listen and make some new friends and you will be happy.
First and foremost let us introduce ourselves to you! We are the board of directors of Our Youth and we are writing in regards to our non profit organization and your great company.

Our Youth is a non profit organization designed to help gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and straight youth (ranging from 15-21) in the New York / New Jersey area. Our Youth assists the young adults with job placement, college assistants, offering FREE & confidential HIV testing referrals as well as home cooked meals and a weekly support group. Besides providing services within the Our Youth Center we are also out in the community feeding the homeless, walking to find a cure for a certain disease, as well as volunteering at any event we are needed.

Gay support groups in NJ

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