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 Posted: 2011-08-16 11:35 pm
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When I was young I was treated in a similar way in high school.  Not cause I was gay (I hadn't figured that out yet) but because I was a cheerleader.  I was pushed into the lockers, threatened to be beaten up on my way home, etc.  So, I know a little bit of how that feels.  It causes an insecurity and a little bit of a fear of people.

Just know that you are a beautiful person and that the people who are messing with you are the ones with major character flaws.  Is there an lgbt support group at your school?  If so, that would be an excellent way to increase your support and keep you from feeling isolated.  If there isn't one - maybe you can start one!  A good way to take the power! 

Hmmm, we should come up with a fun, harmless, silent prank that you can do for a laugh - nothing dangerous or violent - just silly hmmmmm - and done in a well thought out way so it is never traced back to you  :) .....  What can I say, I have a devious side

any suggestions?

On the serious side, you should tell someone  -  what are you parents and the school authorities like? 

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