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 Posted: 2009-07-28 09:13 pm
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Hey there,

My name is Geo and I've been part of a LGBT young people's group for the last five years.  We've worked hard to promote equality as well as provide a safe space for young people in Bristol.

We have recently taken part in a LGBT exchange to Japan which was quite sucessful and helped the LGBT people there in furthering their campaign for equal rights. Here's a little thing I found about it on the net  and there are some videos on homophobia and our trip on  -There are also quite a few silly ones on there too. :S

Anyway, feel free to contact me on ( or  etc

Ok, so I know it's all very jumbled, but if you're in the South West and you're a young LGBT person or want to generally find out more, click a contact! 


Love, Geo




 Freedom Youth is running 3 awesome nights at Flamingoes (the gay club) for all LGBT people and friends aged 16-21! It's only £3 entry, and these first nights will be on the 6th, 13th and 20th of August, between 9pm-1am. For more information, contact me or Freedom Youth, on 01173773677

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