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 Posted: 2011-08-05 07:15 pm
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Thank you for the validation, it really helps because as I stated, I didn't want to over react. What the organizer's reply email  implied ( among other things) about needing to 'put (One's self) out there' is true and I don't want to be unaware of my own true fears or motivations. Also, when people are trying to belong, they don't like to discuss these things for fear of looking like or becoming associated with an over reactor/outsider which may be why noone in my other affiliated group replied to my questioning them on whether my concerns were valid.

 But, ultimately, I agreed with your advice and have already left the group.

I sent  a reply email to them similar to what I wrote here about there needing to have been a clear prerequisite and their insistance after-the-fact making me uncomfortable.

I received a reply from yet another organizer from whom I'd never received one before. This time it was a male who just wrote a dry response:

'If you rejoin with a real name and face photo you will be accepted into the group'

This really convinced me that there was some 'dyke drama' or ulterior motive going on so it cynched my decision to focus on my personal interests and other LGBT groups.

When trying to step back and analyze this scenario I keep remembering the scene from Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake and how confusing it was to me when I first watched it but, peer pressure comes in all forms, and is possible any time One surrounds One's self with any group of peers.

- Sad but something to be aware of to maintain equilibrium and health.


Thanks for your help and good luck in your future endeavors :)

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