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 Posted: 2011-06-16 02:59 am
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It is hard to pinpoint how I knew I was lesbian.  In high school I had a boyfriend whom I really cared for but when it came to thinking about sex with him it was a real turn off.  However, I felt extremely close to my girlfriends and just wanted to be around them.  My feelings for them were really strong - like crushes.  I attempted on a couple of occasions to find gay bars but I wasn't succesful so I just dropped it.

After I graduated from high school I decided to move to CA for the free college (yes it was free at the time).  There were a couple colleges that I was choosing between - one was in LA and one was in SF.  I asked someone who had lived in CA what the difference was between LA and SF.  He mentioned SF was really gay.  I had a really postive reaction to that inside - and instantly decided to move there to come out.  I had soooo much fun coming out!  Totally positive experience!  After about six years I came out to my family and friends back in Ohio. 

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