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 Posted: 2017-04-19 09:44 am
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Coming out as a gay or lesbian is challenging and demanding. We have witnessed in America during the past decade, barriers fall in surprising quarters being gay or lesbian. Yet, we have not seen any CEO who openly accepts this fact.
John Browne, CEO of British oil firm BP lived in the closet for decades and the price he paid later was too big.
I came across an article in the Guardian in which there are testimonies of students who lost the support of their parents for coming out as a gay or a lesbian.
Most of them prefer to remain “closeted” than “coming out” being scared of ostracism. Coming out can be difficult because there are stereotypes and unwarranted prejudice against gay and lesbian people. Many conservative communities and religious groups teach that being gay, lesbian or bisexual is a sign of mental illness, immorality and deserving of punishment.
An expert at gay dating service says that the most important aspect of the coming out experience, is recognizing that coming out is an act of self-love.
There are common myths which need to be debunked. Most prominent are that people believe that gay and lesbian people are promiscuous.
Similarly, In same-sex relationships, one partner is the “man” and the other partner is the “woman”.
The basis for all these myths is rooted in sexist ideas and beliefs.

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