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 Posted: 2017-02-24 11:23 pm
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Hey man. Dr. McLean is excellent. You'll be fine. :) See to learn more about the different procedures for top surgery.

Connect with , even if you're not close to Toronto. They're great and can help you with a lot of stuff.

No, there is nothing you have to do legally before you transition medically, whether that means hormones, this or that surgery, or all of the above.

You do not need to have had any surgery whatsoever to change your gender marker on your Ontario birth certificate, Ontario driver's licence, or OHIP card. Nor do you need to have undergone anything medical whatsoever to change your name. You can change your name to whatever you want, whenever you want. They don't care that you're taking a male name when your old name was female.

See to learn how to change your legal name in Canada.

See to learn how to change your name and gender marker on your birth certificate, driver's licence, and OHIP card.

This website is pretty dead, especially for Trans folks. Come hang out on . There's a lot of support and community for you there. :) And they'll be able to offer lots of great advice about how to prepare for top surgery.

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