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 Posted: 2011-06-11 11:36 pm
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I have a final project for my sociology course thats worth 30% of my mark, The thesis for my project is "Are gay, lesbian, bisexual people really accepted in modern society?" I would really appreciate it if as many people could fill this out for me, thanks in advance.

1. How do you think media portray gay people?
2. How does your society portray gay people?
3. Are there certain occupations you feel you are not accepted to?
4. Do you feel you would be more accepted if you were straight?
5. Have you ever been depressed over your sexuality?
6. Have you ever considered suicide?
7. Do you feel comfortable being open about your sexual orientation?
8. Are their certain places you feel you are un-welcomed?
9. How do you think religion portrays gays?
10. Do you believe homophobic slurs are more accepted than others?
11. Do you personally believe homosexuality is a choice, or is it something your born with?

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