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 Posted: 2011-06-10 03:22 am
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Hi and Welcome to our community!  You can certainly share your work.  You can post it in the media section or just in the general discussion categories.  Wherever you like!

I figured out I was gay when I was living in Ohio (and about 23) and moved to SF to come out!  It was the best thing I ever did.  I'm not going to say it wasn't scarey - but I survived.  The times were a bit different then in terms of getting work.  I was able to get a job in a law firm within one week.  I was also able to rent a small studio apartment within the first week.  But do be prepared for everything to cost way more than anywhere else (unless your living in NYC).  It would be best to go with a good amount of cash saved up because you need $$ for first/last and cleaning deposits to rent. Try to make arrangements for somewhere to stay when you first arrive.  Maybe an LGBT community center in SF can help you with that.   Anywhere around the Castro district would be fun.  My first apartment was on Church and Market St.  I grew so much and had such a fun time coming out! 

What type of job skills do you have? 

I suggest looking at rentals in SF to get a feel for what it costs and check out the job market.  You can always try the San Francisco Examiner classifieds on-line.  It is cheaper in the east bay but you have to watch out for bad neighborhoods.  If you can, stick with SF cause then you don't really need a car - great transportation system in SF.

Never live a lie - it will eat you alive......  Be loud and proud - and if you have to move away from home then so be it.  It worked for me.  (I do not know what age you are - so my advice assumes you are at least 18).  If not, then be honest with yourself and whatever relatives or friends you feel will be supportive but never, never live a lie.

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