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 Posted: 2017-01-30 09:33 pm
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Greetings all, I'm Jade and I've been different all of my life, though only recently came out to a few people. People I may have been born into, but they are not family. They are very religious and have said to my face "You are evil for living this way." I've been called all kinds of names, Jim enjoys telling me gay jokes (offensive ones!), Rufus (as she hates to be called) enjoys calling me a girl, telling me I scream like one (I don't by the way), loves to say out-loud and to others "I was in diapers up to 15" (also not true). I have no respect or acceptance, constant conflict and games to tease and piss my off.

Why do I leave? you say. Well I can't. I'm disabled, I have a millions things wrong with my health that house bound me. And since my doctor will work for me (at least under California Medi-Cal government insurance I'm still with) I can't get disability money! I live way up in the southern California mountains in a nothing town, I have no friends of social experience because my mother homeschooled me and believes everyone outside of the house is evil and messed up. Both of my parents are religious, paranoid, selfish nuts. I have no way to get out. I have tried and I don't have many friends online because once they learn all of my shit they usually ignore my e-mails or abandoned me. Saying I'm screwed up and that I should be around anymore...

I'm here to find friends and be treated like an adult and find acceptances and understanding because I can not anywhere else. My dream and hope was someone would be nice enough to take me in, but I know how crappy and hard the world is just to survive, and the idea of taking on another person just isn't possible.

When my pain is manageable and I have a decent day - which isn't very common - I read, play video games, write and build with my lego set.

I am non-binary (means I do not feel like male or female) and I am attracted to girls/women.

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