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 Posted: 2016-12-29 02:15 pm
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Shale Stone


A little Post Script on this story, which is based on the nonfiction book of the same name by Margot Lee Shetterly.  Of course with any portrayal based on true events, we know there is artistic license for dramatic effect.  But, I did a little search of Katherine Goble Johnson (I used to do "research" for school, which meant a trip to the library and hours looking at Microfiche reels scroll by) and verified that she really was a player of such magnitude at NASA.
Having recently re-watched the DVD Apollo 13, Ron Howard's 1995 movie starring Tom Hanks, it was mentioned that it was so accurate to the events that it could in future be used to portray that history.  Oh BTW, not mentioned in that particular movie but Katherine Johnson worked on that mission's attempt to get to the moon and when that ill-fated mission was limping thru space trying to get home, she worked on the backup procedures and charts to safely bring them back.

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