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 Posted: 2016-11-08 08:05 pm
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Hi, everyone. I would like to share my webcomic Salamander which is free to read.

About the Comic

Salamander is an ongoing superhero webcomic focused on a lesbian named Erin who works at a small pet shop in New England. Her life is pretty average for a 22 year old until some sudden events give her the power to manipulate fire. The story is filled with action, mystery, and romance.

Comic Preview

Lesbian Romance

Erin has a cat lady love interest!

Where to Read Salamander

Read the comic for free on Tumblr or Tapastic. You can also support the comic by purchasing the first comic issue on Etsy.

If you like my webcomic and art, make sure to watch my comic on Tumblr or Tapastic!

Facebook | Art | Deviantart


Read Salamander the lesbian superhero webcomic at
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