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 Posted: 2016-10-24 11:53 am
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Hello all,
I am dating my best friend from the past few months. We both really like each other a lot, and love being in each other’s company. And neither of us are shy to say that we are lesbians. But, we have never gone out with each other yet, because we are always occupied with work. Now, finally both of us are free from our work, and want to take a break and go somewhere. She loves nature and such beautiful and peaceful places. I want to go somewhere that she would love. On searching online, I found Algonquin Park, which is surrounded by the lake of 2 rivers, and they even have a lodge there Killarney Lodge, with private waterfront cabins, and canoes. I think she would love the idea. But, I have never been there, so I wanted to know more about the place. Has anyone been there ? Are there any other fun activities that we could do ?

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