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 Posted: 2016-08-23 08:03 pm
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Thanks for posting!  Unfortunately, this is a reality we all have to deal with on different levels.  You can attack this issue on two fronts: 
   1 - Realize that the way these people are acting is a statement on their poor character - not your's.   Learn to feel confident in who and what you are and completely ignore the way they act as it is not important.  The are people who deserve your respect.  Have confidence in yourself.
   2 - As you work on developing your self confidence, and the ability to ignore those haters around you, try to stay in liberal pockets of Toronto where you won't feel as much of that ignorance and hate.

Once thing that I've learned through the years is that it never pays off to engage these people.  They will never "hear" something from you that will make them become enlightened.  They are entrenched in their own ignorance and hatred and aren't worth the time and effort.

I don't think you really need to be treated for anything (not that I'm an expert).  It is a normal reaction to have a difficult time dealing with bullying.  And stares can be a form of that.  Maybe your partner can be a little patient with you and the two of you can be a little more calm when you are in situations where there are haters around.

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